Discussing Differences - Multimedia

Honoring Differences/Diversity Calendar: http://www.diversitycalendar.com/ 

Video: "Blue Eyed" ... 1968 Iowa school teacher introduced an experiment in her classroom to enable white students to experience racial discrimination. This apparently evolved into programs used today whereby white, blue-eyed trainees are given yellow collars and then treated to contradictory commands, blatant discrimination, etc.

Video: "Faces of the Enemy" ... Documentary examines how we transform each other into monsters, strategies we use to dehumanize our enemies, how extremist groups use the same techniques...

Video: "Skin Deep" ... Follows a diverse group from several universities a they participate in a 3-day awareness workshop in northern California.

Video: "Tales from Arab Detroit" ... Insights from America's largest Arab community, and how young and old, and their cultural constants, have been transformed.

Video: "This Little Utopia" ... Results from the multicultural Manhattan Country School established in 1966, especially whether it provides a realistic worldview for its students.

Radio: "Tom Joyner in the Morning" - St.Pete/Tampa AM - WRBQ1380 (6AM-8AM??),  Chicago FM - WVAZ 102.7 (5-9AM, Weekdays)